Severe illness may cause vivid hallucinations, but what if what you’re seeing is real?


Brent R. Oliver read ‘Salem’s Lot when he was twelve and blames Stephen King for pretty much everything that happened after that. He has been the victim of irony, repossessed morals, and harsh language. The nine-to-five grind has rejected him and the bank has foreclosed on the tiny little haunted house that is his brain. This bio was penned from his favorite neighborhood bar because his power was shut off and it’s cheaper to buy beer than electricity.

Mr. Oliver writes creative nonfiction as well as tales rooted in glorious darkness. His essays and articles have been featured across a broad spectrum of online and print media including FIGHT! Magazine, Business Lexington, and Tricycle. In July of 2014, his first short story “One Shot,” was published by He lives in Lexington, KY with his amazing wife Stacey and a mostly underwhelming cat.