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Volume One Stories


Windfalls isn't the typical abandoned borough and the moon may be responsible.

Secrets of the Seven Symphonies Circus

Running away with the circus does have it's perks but leaving can be a challenge.

Man of the People

If you're unlucky enough to retire from the government service, you'll get a gold watch.

Six Crows

Some say if you happen to count six crows something terrible will surely happen.

Bogged Down

The rare Ghost Orchid is said to be one of the most stunning flower on the planet.

The Fall of Silas Galloway

Those who make a living talking to the dead have to face the consequences.

Under the City

The level below rock bottom is darker than the dredges of your imagination.

Home from the Sea

Fishermen have more to be afraid of than a sinking vessel or drifting in the ocean.

Sweat Like Honey

An american sailor on shore leave knew the foreign beauty was perfect in every way.

Sparrow Ridge

There's a house in the desert town of Fifty Six where the elderly go to die.

Fair Trade

All your dreams can come true but how much are you willing to pay?

Nightmare Bird Takes Flight

When the monsters are looking for a sacrifice, the forest isn't safe.

Exploration of Room B

A father and son take a trip through a spooky amusement park.