Help didn’t come when all the insects and fish around the pond turned up dead, but now the birds are dead, too.


Hunter Lowe is a 27 year old writing enthusiast currently residing in Los Angeles, California. After chasing the tails of a variety of passions including classic hand-drawn art to digital illustration and three-dimensional construction geared toward use in video games he realized he could never shake the constant drive from within to continue his writing. His time spent experimenting with such a variety of art forms lead to a stronger visual library for him to integrate into his writing. While working on his novel he loves to step into the short-story environment and intends to put out as many quality reading experiences that he can. While horror is where he is most at home, he has a number of stories in the works ranging from science fiction, fantasy, to amalgamations of all of the above.  He will soon be relocating to the lovely state of Colorado to continue his writing in a nice secluded forest.