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General Details

Blurb — Daylight Dims is a collection of short stories with horror themes or undertones.

Full Description — Darkness descends when Daylight Dims. Features thirteen stories that cross the genres of surreal horror, dark fantasy, and heart pounding dread, the debut horror anthology is guaranteed to twist your perception. From the common, comfortable tropes, to the more taboo, these handpicked tales have a literary aspect designed to expand your showcase what horror can be.

Release date scheduled for Halloween 2013 on Amazon — We hope the self-published book will find it's way to the intended audience. We will offer the book in print, ebook, free audio podcast, and even as a 100% free downloadable PDF.

Thanks to our printer, Lightning Source, the anthology will be open for trade distribution, which means you can request a copy wherever books are sold across North America.

What other people are saying about us — Visit our page of press and reader mentions, articles, and reviews to get the latest feedback directly from the public.

What's Next for Daylight Dims? — We will continue exploring daylight dims each year, inviting readers to lose themselves in the high-quality unique stories. Now that we've established ourselves, we hope to attract even more great authors for the next volume. Interested writers should connect with us on Facebook to be notified of the next open submission period.

We hope to at least receive double the number of entries of the first volume.

Images — All images on this page are free to download and reprint in the context of any article about this project. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Project Background

Daylight Dims concept first came about in 2006 while Editor Kristopher Mallory was listening to one of his favorite bands, tool. During the title track of tool's fourth studio album 10,000 days, Kris heard the phase mentioned in a lyric and thought that it would be a great title for a horror book.

The concept was always at the back of Kris' mind, but it wasn't until late 2012 when he really begin wondering what it could be. J. W. Zulauf came onboard to help Kris realize the best possible use would be a halloween themed, literary horror anthology designed to showcase great writing and storytelling.

Submissions formally opened to the general public through in February 2012 , and stayed open through July 30, 2012. 

By the end of the submission period, we had received close to 200 entries from writers around the world. We announced our selections for the book around August 1st, 2013.

We brought on artists and assigned them to the stories based on what we thought they could bring out in the work. We also partnered up with Craig  Grosheck, audio producer, and owner of to present the audio version of  Daylight Dims.

Book Information

Title: Daylight Dims

ISBN: 978-0-9897572-7-0

Hardback original print: 172 Pages

Stories included in the book : 13

Illustrations in the book : 14

Cover artist : Michael Gartsman

Publisher: Stealth Fiction, LLC

Numbers & Statistics

Stories submitted in 2013 : 196

eBooks sold : N/A

Hardback Books sold: N/A

Printings to date :  1 hardcover

Available as : paperback, ebook, free audiobook, free PDF

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Editing Team

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J. W. Zulauf, Kristopher Mallory

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Kristopher Mallory, J.W. Zulauf

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Daylight Dims editor J. W. Zulauf

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Daylight Dims editor Kristopher Mallory

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Biographical Information

J. W. Zulauf  writes (expanded bio).

Kristopher Mallory  is (expanded bio)

A full list of Daylight Dims contributors can be found on the  team page.

Other Projects and What’s Next

Kickstarter for second volume

We plan to Kickstart for our second volume and offer a variety of perks for contributing while also expanding the number of authors and artist that appear within the volume.

Audiobook release

We plan to compile the audio versions into an audio book and possibly a iBooks interactive app.

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