Daylight Dims

Volume 2

Daylight Dims Vol. 2 features thirteen stories that cross the genres of surreal horror, dark fantasy, and heart pounding dread.


Thirteen Tales

With two additional contributions from the editors.

Permanent Residents

Amanda and her urban explorer friends visit a dilapidated motel that has a rich, dark history.  

To Fetter the Fenris-Wolf

Farmers devise a plan to hunt a massive beast that massacres their flock, but the children have other ideas.  

The Mummified Monk

Sokushinbutsu is the ancient Buddhist monk practice of observing austerity to the point of death and mummification.  

Bony River

Mr. Thompson is determined to kayak through treacherous rapids despite his failing health.  

Travel Advisory

Griffin thinks he’ll survive the coming doom as long as he can catch a flight to Buenos Aries.  

Light Headed

Severe illness may cause vivid hallucinations, but what if what you’re seeing is real?  

The Devil Ordered an Omelet

Even the damned may receive an unexpected offer of a different life outside the fiery pits of hell.  

The Exchange

Puke spilling from his mouth, and head pounding, Ramsey wakes in a dark room with a stranger in the bed next to him.  


Two young boys out shooting pellet guns learn too late that some doors shouldn’t be opened.  


Help didn’t come when all the insects and fish around the pond turned up dead, but now the birds are dead, too.  

For fame, For Fortune, For a Commemorative Statue

Michael enjoys the spoils of fame and fortune after completing an amazing feat that none thought possible.  

Resurrectionist's Box

Curiosity can be a dangerous thing, especially when it involves an item procured by a grave robber.  

The Steeplechase Flourish

Bed time stories aren't enough to prevent nightmares from having a very real and long-lasting effect.


Editor’s Contribution: Some addictions run deep and others summon demons too strong to overcome.  

Special Delivery

Editor’s Contribution: When a knock comes at the door make sure you really want what the salesman has to offer.  


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